Image Sizes

The art prints for sale of these images of travel around the world and images from the night skies capture the beauty, wildness and spectacle of nature and the cosmos. These travel images display my perspective of each destination and capture the unique atmosphere of each place. These images bring those far-off and far-out sights into your home. Your chosen art print can be purchased in your choice of size to fit your space.

To make prints fit in a standard frame with a pre-cut matte, the following is a list of standard U.S. frame sizes and matte openings that should be used to decide which image size to buy to fit your space.

Frame, Matte and Image Sizes

Standard Frame Size Matte Opening Art Print Image Size
8″x10″ / 20x25cm 4.5″x6.5″ / 11.5×16.5cm 5″x7″ / 13x18cm
11″x14″ / 28x36cm 7.5″x9.5″ / 19x24cm 8″x10″ / 20x25cm
16″x20″ / 40x50cm 10.5″x13.5″ / 26.67×34.29cm 11″x14″ / 28x36cm
20″x24″ / 50x60cm 15.5″x19.5″ / 39.37×49.53cm 16″x20″ / 40x50cm
24″x36″ / 60x90cm 19.5″x29.5″ / 49.53x75cm 20″x30″ / 50x75cm
30″x40″ / 75x102cm 21.5″x31.5″ / 54.61x80cm 22″x32″ / 56x81cm
Frame, matte and image sizes

Image Resolution for Cropping

The dimension in pixels is the important detail for creating any fine art print. The recommended resolution is 300 pixels per inch 300dpi. A finer resolution of 600 dpi may also be used. Below are the pixel sizes for various recommend resolutions for printing your fine art images.

Art Print Sizes Pixel Size (300dpi) Pixel Size (600dpi)
5″x7″ / 13x18cm 1500 x 2100 3000 x 4200
8″x10″ / 20c25cm 2400 x 3000 4800 x 6000
11″x14″ / 28x36cm 3300 x 4200 6600 x 8400
16″x20″ / 40x50cm 4800 x 6000 9600 x 12000
20″x30″ / 50x75cm 6000 x 9000 12000 x 18000
22″x32″ / 56x81cm 6600 x 9600 13200 x 19200
Image resolution for cropping